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“Look at that body, look at that body, I work out!” One of the most important things in this day and age is working out, getting fit, eat healthy. Instagram and Facebook are full of videos and articles about it and nutritionists are making money by the minute with their books. And what do you need with all of that? Exactly, a fitness tracker. This is my short review about the Fitbit Charge 2.

Pros Cons
Bigger screen than the Charge HR Larger screen makes it feel more vulnerable than the Charge HR or the Alta
Lean and slick design Not waterproof
Ideal for daily use No GPS
Fairly priced Kilometer count not as accurate as hoped

First of all the Fitbit Charge 2 has a lot of similarities to its predecessor, the Fitbit Charge HR. The look and feel are almost the same, expect of course the larger screen on the Charge 2. The bigger screen displays more information. Unlike the Charge HR, you now can see the time and your heartbeat at the same time. The larger screen does not take in plenty more space. The screen has approximately the same width as the Charge HR.  There is a optical heart rate tracker and an altimeter in the Charge 2 as well. Of course the heart rate sensor in the Charge HR has brought up some questions. The Charge 2 is more accurate and can be used for what it is meant for, activities. The battery life of the tracker should be up to five days, but in heavy use I managed to get about two to three days of battery life out of it. The Charge 2 is sweat, rain and splash proof, but do not swim or shower with it!

Look and feel
The look and feel of the Charge 2, as stated before, is almost the same as the Charge HR. Is that a bad thing? I do not think so. Both fitness trackers are a small but surprisingly cool feature around your arm. The Charge 2 has the bigger screen which makes it easier to look at the time and count your steps without having to scroll on the tracker. In my opinion the Charge 2 feels more vulnerable due to the bigger screen. Accidentally scratching it against the wall, can result in scratches on the screen. This was less of a worry with the Charge HR. The Charge 2 is not a heavy or big watch, so you will barely notice it around your arm. This is a great feature when running or cycling because the resistance on your arm is reduced to a minimum. The device can be worn with a business suit, tracking suit and in your average summer clothing.

Features and use
As written above the Charge 2 does not miss out on a lot of features. The heart rate sensor is not the most accurate heart rate sensor, since it measures the heart rate from your wrist. The most accurate heart rate measuring still is by a heart rate sensor around your chest. Still, for a daily use, the Charge 2 measures this rate just fine. To be honest, the Charge 2 is more of an activity tracker than a fitness watch. The Fitbit measures your daily steps, your heart rate, the amount of stairs taken and shows caller ID and notifications of your phone. The ability to measure running in cycling is a fun extra feature. Unfortunately when you are cycling or running, the watch does not have GPS. You cannot track back the road you travelled. However, if you take your phone with you and connect the Fitbit to it, the GPS on your phone will register exactly the road you have run. Further is the counting of the kilometers walked not as accurate as one would like. For example, when I walked four kilometers it would only register around 1.65 km. I guess this is the price you pay for the lack of GPS in this tracker. If connected to your phone, the kilometers registered are fairly accurate. Comparing to its closest competitor the Vivosmart HR+, the only drawback of the Fitbit is the GPS. The design of the Fitbit is more pleasing to the eye. Also, the Vivosmart HR+ is more expensive. The price gap is around 50 dollars at the point of writing this review.

All in all is this fitness tracker the ideal device for a day to day use. It is a small device, but still elegant to wear. It tracks your steps, can be worn under your business suit and is a great device to run with. To fully take advantage of its features, you have to wear a phone with you any time you go for a run. This is because the device lacks GPS. Swimming with it also is not a good idea. It is sweat proof but not waterproof. These are some key features the big players, the real fitness sportwatches, do have. However, Fitbit is not focusing on that part of the market. It is for those who like to track their daily activities and go for a run after work. It is not for the heavy user, although a heavy user could be happy with it to track its daily business. A tracker for everybody, but not everybody is for the watch.

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