Why PlayStation messed up online gaming

Remember when you did not have to pay to play online? Remember when you could challenge your friends online, without having to worry about your PlayStation Plus status? I remember! Here is a take on why PlayStation messed up gaming for the average gamer.

PlayStation used to make us consoles. Special? Not per se. Unique compared to its competitor Xbox. Not really, except for one thing. PlayStation made it possible for young gamers without any money, like you and me, to game online without having to spend money on it. Good old times.. Why did PlayStation rob us of this feature? Why?

As you probably know Sony and Microsoft are reporting major losses on every sold console. One way to make money of these consoles is the selling of games. But that was not enough. Another way to rob people of their hard earned money is to make people spend bucks for online gaming. Almost everybody who buys a console, wants to play it online. PlayStation introduced this and we just accepted. Why? I’ll tell you why. People will buy the product even with the disadvantages of it. If my friends buy it, why shouldn’t I? Exactly what is wrong with us. We should be able to stand up to the big companies shouldn’t we?

Check this out:




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